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VR Goggles

About our After School and Summer Camp Program

Welcome to our cutting-edge Robotics and Drone School and Summer Camp Program! Are you ready to embark on an exhilarating journey into the world of automation and aerial technology? Join us as we explore the realms of robotics, artificial intelligence, and drone technology through interactive workshops, hands-on projects, and thrilling flight simulations, guided by our team of expert instructors.

Our Program is specifically built for After School Enrichment programs as well as Sleepaway and Day Camps.  We custom build our curriculum to fit your camp and school schedule.  We provide all the materials as well as Professional Development for your teachers, camp staff and counselors.  A Camp Specialist will meet with you and provide the best possible curriculum to add to your current programming.  Contact us for more information.

TEKI Pilots Drone Program

There's something for every drone enthusiast, whether you're a beginner or a pro. Drone Obstacle Racing, one of the world's fastest growing sports, fills this program with pure action. The campers will first learn the basics of drone flying and the history of drone racing. As campers progress through various skill challenges, they'll learn how to do various exercises and maneuvers to get used to the drone's speed and agility. Using iPads and remote controls, campers will navigate the drone through custom built obstacle courses short and long. As part of the final activity and competition, participants will also design and build the obstacle course.

Every week, new themes, and challenges

·       Coding drones and free flying drones

·       Our programs are all about fun and exploration

·       Learning through self-exploration and projects

·       Instructors who love working with young kids and STEM

·       An environment that's positive and friendly

·       STEM applications in the real world

·       General tutorials on safety and real-life applicability

·       No prior experience necessary; all skill levels are welcome to participate

Complete with our Custom Curriculum designed to fit your needs.

 Robotics Program (LEGO & MakeBlock)

At TEKI Robotics, we are passionate about inspiring the next generation of innovators through our comprehensive robotics education programs. As a leading school robotics enrichment company, we offer a wide range of curricula, resources, and kits designed to engage students in hands-on learning experiences. Our expert instructors combine theoretical knowledge with practical application, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity in students. Whether it's building autonomous robots, programming artificial intelligence algorithms, or competing in robotics competitions, our company is committed to empowering students to become leaders in the exciting field of robotics.


Join us at our summer camps or have us at your program.

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