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Summer 2024

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Our vision is to prepare a community of successful innovative learners for active citizenship, successful career exploration, and further education beyond our services.  

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Playing on the Computer

Spring 2024

From the beginning, TEKI enrichments has always been about giving kids a fun, confidence-boosting experience where they can explore and develop new multimedia skills with their friends. Whether it's learning to code, making movies, modding Minecraft, or building robots, our kids are using their summers & enrichments to do incredible things with technology in our program.

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Gaming Station

TEKI Camp - Summer 2024

TEKI Summer Camps mission is to provide fun, confidence-boosting experiences that allow children to explore, learn, and collaborate all multimedia technologies. We build children's confidence by showing them how to create something personal and special by acquiring challenging and new executive skills that can be used in their everyday life. 

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Minecraft Birthday Party
Birthday Cake

Come Celebrate With Us!

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Party Day Themes:


  • Minecraft

  • Gaming/eSports

  • Fortnite

  • LEGO Robotics

  • Computer Animation

  • Digital Arts

  • MakerSpace* 

  • More Options Available!

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3d design
video game creation


Award Winning Educational Technology Programs.

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