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TEKI @ JCC MetroWest

STEAM Summer Camp and After School Enrichment Programs

760 Northfield Ave, West Orange, NJ 07052

Registration is Open

Our 3 Week STEM Academy Camp is now open! 


BattleBots Academy
August 5th-9th @ JCC MetroWest

Welcome to the exhilarating world of LEGO Battle-Bots, where imagination meets engineering in a fierce and thrilling one-week camp! Join us for an unforgettable adventure that will ignite your creativity and test your strategic skills in the ultimate LEGO robotic battle arena.

LEGO Robotics Academy
August 12th-16th @ JCC MetroWest

Master SPIKE LEGO Robotics. Dive headfirst into the exciting world of robotics with SPIKE LEGO, where you'll learn to design, build, and program your own robotic creations. From quirky rovers to intricate machines, the possibilities are endless as you bring your imagination to life one brick at a time.


LEGO Master & Drone Academy
August 19th-23rd @ JCC MetroWest

Take Flight with DJI Drones. Reach for the skies as you explore the exhilarating field of aerial technology with DJI Drones. Learn the fundamentals of flight, navigate obstacle courses, and unleash your inner pilot as you commandeer these state-of-the-art machines through thrilling challenges and missions.

LEGO Master Builders Camp, where creativity and imagination collide! This week-long camp is designed to inspire young builders to unleash their inner creativity, problem-solving skills, and engineering prowess through the magical world of LEGO bricks. Campers will embark on daily adventures, challenges, and collaborative projects that will ignite their passion for building and innovation.

TEKI Camp 2024

Welcome to TEKI Summer Camp, where innovation meets imagination! We are thrilled to embark on an incredible journey with you in our innovative technology and STEM Robotics camp. As Certified Educators, our mission is to inspire and empower young minds to explore the exciting world of technology, engineering, and robotics. Throughout the camp, you'll engage in hands-on activities, collaborative projects, and cutting-edge learning experiences that will spark creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. Get ready to unleash your potential, build robots, and make memories that will last a lifetime. We can't wait to see what incredible innovations you'll create!

About Our Director

Emma Tami

My name is Emma Tami and I am thrilled to be running the TEKI camp at JCC MetroWest.  With over a decade of experience in the classroom, including summer camps and after-school enrichments, I’m prepared with a variety of engineering challenges for the campers this summer.  My goal for this camp is to create a safe and inclusive environment where campers can experience robotics while learning critical engineering and programming skills.

During the school year, I teach STEAM electives to middle school students, and also run the school’s robotics program. All of my classes focus on engineering and using different tools and materials in a project based format. 

Outside of the classroom, I coach teams that participate in First Lego League at the Challenge and Explore levels.  This competitive robotics program focuses on teamwork and uses Lego Spike robots to achieve thematic objectives.  Coaching in this league has shown me the opportunities that robotics can offer to students and the true enjoyment that students feel when they see their ideas become reality.

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