Educators agree that technology can enhance teaching and learning, boosting student engagement and helping teachers instruct in new and creative ways.  If you have questions, we have the answers to make sure you are investing in the right equipment, educational technology services and curriculum that suits the needs of your community.

What can we provide?  
Educational Technology Classes/Enrichment and Infrastructure Assessment
TEKI can assess the current resources of the existing facility and propose a solution based on the needs of the population/organization/school. TEKI is able to give your facility a complete diagnosis of what the potential is and how technological solutions could and should work.  From networking to wireless connectivity our network of professionals can get the job done in a professional and economical manner. TEKI can also work on choosing the correct hardware using vendors that are reliable and have been proven to be successful.  We also have specialists in technology lab design to make the most out of the space that can be used.