Professional Development Services

We take pride in delivering the highest quality, custom designed professional development services. Our network of associates and educators can provide a focus in aligning technology to standards and leadership development to the given audience.

Education Workshops for Staff and Parents/Community

TEKI Learning keynotes and workshops enrich participants to transformational ideas about education, along with compelling core beliefs for creating proper digital citizens and lifelong learners. Choose the topic that’s right for your school(s) and community, and we’ll customize the message to address your specific situation.

Examples: Digital Parenting: Digital Citizens, 21st Century Schools: Learning in the
Digital Age, Cyber Bullying and what to do?, My Children and social media.

Please call 917-940-4711 to inquire about specialized instructions for students and parents.  We specialize in PTA meeting seminars that are to the point and full of useful knowledge.

With our powerful and professional network we are able to customize any topics to suit your facility and/or program.