TEKI™ offers classes for all ages.  We specialize in grade school age classes in gearing the student to be a 21st century learner.  We focus on creativity, safe-use, and common core integration.  All of our classes are proven to be successful and have met the academic rigor it takes to be a TEKI™ class. 

TEKI™ also offers tutoring services by appointment only. We integrate common core classes in all subject content area and infuse technology on a one to one or group tutoring experience.

TEKI™ will provide innovative science, technology, engineering, and/or math (STEM) content to students. All class content focuses on increasing student interest in STEM, and also implements strategies known to help involve parents and the community. Units are designed to partake in an after school and/or summer program/camp environment.

We also offer private tutoring with certified highly qualified educators in all core content subject matters.

Below are the classes that are being offered. Class descriptions coming soon!

Introduction to Animation 

Introduction to Cartoon Creation 

Creativity in Game Design 

TEKI Programmers in 3D Game Design with Minecraft™ 

Creation in Music & Beat Production 

TEKI Photography & Graphic Design 

TEKI Creators in Art & Digital Photography 

TEKI Programming 

Future Programmers in Java™ Programming for Minecraft™ Modding 

 Advanced Robotics with LEGO® EV3 

TEKI Machines & Engineering 

Introduction to Digital Photography 


TEKI Surgeons 
TEKI Kitchen Chemistry

Getting Organized in school using Technology Apps 

Apps for Students to use as organizational tools

Introduction to Photography

Advanced Photography


Future ESPN Anchor

STEAM Gaming Classes

Video Game Lounge:  With the latest technology TEKI will be equipped with the newest video game consoles and High Definition televisions.  We are making video games social and will have various popular titles for students to play as part of the curriculum.   The gaming lounge will be a great and social experience for all types of gamers.  The lounge will be set up to bring the gaming experience to the next level both socially and educational.

Early Childhood enrichment classes:  All classes/enrichment will be customized to meet the needs of the early childhood program.  We want to make sure all ages have the access to technology.  Below are some topics we explore with our youngsters.
Technology Tools and Interactive Media

Senior Classes:
Beyond the Basics – The Internet as a Daily Resource for Older Adults 
Introduction to the iPad 
Social Media and connecting with your family